Do Cows Get Ticks?

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Cows are not immune to ticks and thanks to their hairy hides, ticks love to attack herds of cattle.

Tick bites can cause cows a number of problems including not only disease, but also anemia, lethargy and skin irritations that can lead to infections.

3 Common Types of Ticks on Cows

* American Dog Tick * Spinose Ear Tick * Lone Star Tick

Some Ways to Get Rid of Ticks

* Insecticide Ear Tags * Pour-On Insecticide * Insecticide Dust * Natural / Organic Tick Remedies for Cattle

Ticks like to hide within their host’s hair and even in their ears, so you may not see them easily on your cows. Luckily, you can use livestock friendly insecticides or natural methods of tick prevention around your farm.