Do Cows Get Sunburned and Four Tips for Giving Your Cattle Shelter

If there’s one thing we are all familiar with after being outdoors for a while, it’s sunburn. Cows can get sunburned. Sunburn is a common phenomenon amongst animals with exposed skin.

Like humans, cows get sunburned. A cow’s skin can withstand moderate exposure to the sun’s rays.

Do Cows Get Sunburned?

Signs of Sunburn in Cows

** Shaking of the ears and head ** Irritation and blistering of the skin ** Skin necrosis and sloughing off

Breeds of Cows More Prone to Sunburn

** Charolais **  White Park Cattle ** British White Cattle

Cows can get sunburned, and their sunburns can be very bad. Take the right steps to prevent your cows from getting sunburned.

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