"When it comes to the diet of a chicken, many things are fair game – whether plant matter or animal matter. "

"Chickens eat mice when they can. But there are some potential health risks to chickens when they consume mice.."

Do chickens eat mice?

"Mice are healthy for chickens only when they are free of poison, diseases, or parasites. If a chicken eats a mouse that has fallen for a rodenticide bait, the chicken may be indirectly affected."

Are Mice Healthy for Chickens?

"Mice that are sick or disease-carriers can transmit infections to chickens and mice will eat chicken eggs."

Dangers of Mice to Chickens

"Clean the chicken coop regularly. Mice are typically drawn to filthy spaces. So, if your chicken coop is clean, they will not come in."

How to Keep Mice Away From Your Chickens

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