Do All Goats Have Horns?

Did you know that both male and female goats can have long pointy horns – or none at all?

Why do goats have horns, anyway?

Goat horns serve two main functions: Communication, Air-Conditioning

Do all goats have horns?

A common misconception is that female goats don’t have horns, but male goats do. Fun goat fact – all goat breeds have horns – both males and females.

Why keep a goat’s horns intact?

Many goat keepers choose not to disbud their kids, but instead allow their horns to grow. A goat with horns may be safer from large predators or other threats.

Some owners make their own horn guards using pool noodles or tennis balls. There are also commercially available rubber guards that are best used for vet visits or shows.

How do you make goat horns safe?