Cows Can Swim, and Some Even Like It!

Cows can swim, even from a young age. Cowboys will often use horses go guide cattle across a river when changing pastures. Some types of cattle will even enter the water and swim without encouragement.

Cows can float and swim. They have a natural ability to tread water and can typically do so from birth. The distance they can travel will depend on the strength of the current and the fitness of the cow.

Learning to Swim

Like many animals, there are two things cows don’t like, being hot and dealing with biting insects. Luckily, if there is water nearby, a cow can solve her own problems.

Water Babies

Cows can swim and some cows even like swimming. Even so, care should be taken with your cows. It is possible to teach your cows to like swimming but, you should do so carefully.

Water Safety with Cows

While not traditionally water-borne animals, cows can swim and float. Some will even enjoy the task. Knowing this can make the average person much more at ease if they see a cow wading in a pond or other body of water.

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