Complete Guide to Raising Guinea Keets - 

From Hatching to Living Outside

What are Guinea Fowl? Guinea fowl, also called pearl hen, pintades, or gleanies, are birds that originate from arid regions of West Africa.  The guinea fowl we raise today are domesticated from a wild guinea fowl known as the helmeted guinea fowl (Numida meleagris).

How do you raise guinea keets? Just like the young of every other bird, guinea keets need extra attention and care, especially in their first six weeks.

What You Need to Raise Guinea Keets

You can purchase guinea fowl eggs or keets from a local breeder, a feed store, or even order them online. 

Guinea Fowl Eggs or Keets

Food and Water

Many homesteaders use nippled waterers for their keets. If you do not know how to teach your guinea keets to drink water from the nipples, use a water trough for chicks.

Coop or Shelter for When They Grow

When your keets have grown and are ready to be moved outside, they will need a shelter. If you do not want them to roam free, you should build or buy a coop for them.