5 Clock Oil Substitutes

Whether you’re dealing with an old desk, car, or clock, the type of oil you use is important. It guarantees your clock will be best protected and ensures long-term performance.

Finding the perfect clock oil, though, may not be an option everyone has.

You will want to avoid things like any type of silicone lubricant, WD-40, graphite, or kerosene. These will likely damage the clock and impact its accuracy over time.

Things to Avoid

Thankfully, some oils will get the job done well without having to search online for a specialty clock oil.

5 Clock Oil Substitutes  That You Can Use

Synthetic Mobil-1

Three-In-One Oils

Liberty Oil

White Mineral Oil

Sewing Machine Oils

When you are oiling your clock, it’s best to use oil in a syringe to help you place it accurately. In most grandfather clocks, there will be specific oil sinks inside the clock movement.

How to Oil Your Clock