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Name Ideas

Coming up with names for anything can be hard and naming your chicken coop is no exception. You may have designed your own coop or bought a book, like this one, with over 40 different coop plans. Whether your coop is designed to house 3 hens or a flock of 30, it’s nice to have a name for it. Everybody is different. You may want a cute name, a catchy one, a play on words, a fun name. I’ve scoured the web and compiled some awesome options for you!

Banty Shanty Biddy City Cackleberry Castle (Cackleberry is a slang term for egg)

Here are some ideas!

Cool Chicken Coop Names

Chick Inn Cluck on Inn Eggs R Us


Chicken Coop Names

Adelaide Bertha Charity

Different Chicken Coop Names

Casa de Huevos (House of Eggs in Spanish) Chez Poulet (French for “at chicken”) El Pollo Locale


Chicken Coop Names

Chicken Itza Egg-cademy Fuster Cluck

Chicken Coop Names for Specific Breeds

Andalusian Apartment Appenzeller Abode Araucana Acres

Words To Use In Your Coop Name




What will you name your Chicken Coop?