9 Best Chicken

Breeds For Hot Climates

If you reside in very hot climates, like Florida or Texas, finding a breed of chicken can be challenging as not all chickens are suited for these hot weather conditions. The following are a few chickens that can handle hot climates with ease.

This chicken breed is small and elegant. This makes it one of the top chickens on the list for heat-tolerant chicken breeds and allows them to live in hot temperatures quite well.

White Leghorn Chickens

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The Dominique hens lay around 180 eggs per year. These chickens are friendly and gentle and perfect for children.

Dominique Chickens

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These chickens are very popular as they are friendly, flighty, and outgoing. They are perfect for children and will often approach humans freely. 

Easter Egger Chickens

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This chicken breed is very active and needs a lot of space to roam. They are usually black or white in color, although the most popular color is black. 

Minorca Chickens

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