Charcuterie and Cheese Boards

Difference Between

(and Tips for Each!)

"A new trend that’s been sweeping parties and get-togethers around the nation is the Charcuterie Board."

"Now you’re conflicted. You never see Cheese Boards at parties. Is there something Charcuterie Boards have that Cheese Boards lack? Is there something you’re missing here?"

"Mostly, it has to do with aesthetics. Charcuterie Boards can be made or bought. The aesthetics are usually powerful with bought charcuterie, while those constructed by the host have their unique style."

What Makes People Love Charcuterie Boards So Much?

"The main difference between Charcuterie Boards and Cheese Boards is the focus of the display. With a charcuterie board, it focuses on the meats and what foods pair best with the meats."

What are the Differences Between Charcuterie and Cheese Boards?

"The great thing about making boards? There’s no prep work involved! No cooking or baking, unless you’re making bread or jams or dips."

How to Make Your Own Charcuterie Board  or Cheese Board