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Pigs and Chickens


Recently, farmers are thinking of ways to raise more than one animal species. Raising multiple animals in the same area saves space and results in more meat and other products.

It is possible to raise pigs and chickens together, but you have to be careful and plan ahead so that everything goes smoothly.

Many people have successfully raised pigs and chickens together. Most farmers who raise pigs have considered adding chickens.

Raising Pigs and Chickens Together

Pest Control Chickens eat insects and pests that can disturb pigs. With chickens scratching around pigs, no insect or nematode pest will disturb or infect your pigs because they are yummy meals for your chickens.


Pigs Can Eat Chickens Pigs can eat a lot of things and if given the chance, they will eat chickens and will from then on see chickens as a food item.


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