Can Turkeys Eat Cicadas?

It is safe and healthy for turkeys to eat cicadas and most other seasonal bugs. Cicadas are safe for consumption and give more proteins to turkeys than some other dietary options of turkeys.

When it comes to the growth of animals, the first and major nutrient you should consider is protein. Proteins help your turkeys to grow physically, grow feathers, produce eggs, etc. Proteins also help to grow new and repair damaged tissues.

Cicadas do not bite nor sting turkeys and they will not transmit diseases to your turkeys nor you. This means that they are completely safe for consumption.

Other Popular Seasonal Bugs that Turkeys Can Eat

* June bugs * May Beetles * Figeater Beetles

What Else Do Turkeys Eat?

* Processed Feed * Grains * Mealworms and Other Insect Larvae * Whatever they can find in free range * Fruits and Vegetables