Can Sheep Eat Goat Feed?

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It is not advisable for sheep to eat goat feed because of the different protein requirements of the two animals. Goat feed also contains a lot of copper that can lead to copper poisoning in sheep.

* They are Both Herbivores * They are Both Ruminants * They Have Similar Size

Are Goats and Sheep Similar?

The amount of protein (and other nutrients) needed by sheep of a particular age is not the same as the amount found in the feed of goats. Another nutrient that differs in the feed composition of sheep and goats is copper.

* Check the Feed Instructions * Availability of Copper * Do Not Feed Sheep with Too Much Goat Feed

Some Tips to Keep In Mind When Feeding Sheep with Goat Feed

Sheep can eat goat feed, but not too much of it. Before giving your goat feed to sheep, check the instructions for warnings about copper and protein levels.