chicken feed?

"Quails require feed that meets their dietary needs in order for them to flourish and survive.  It is important to understand what to feed quails to ensure they grow up to be healthy birds."

While quails can eat chicken feed, it is not advisable to let your quails eat chicken feed as chicken feed is not formulated with the necessary vitamins and minerals that quails need to survive.

GROWER FEED Feeding your quails a grower feed will help build bone mass to support muscle, which is ideal if your intention is to grow your quail for the dinner table.

Treats for quails - Bugs Quails enjoy consuming protein in the form of bugs every now and then. Quails particularly enjoy spiders, worms and grubs.

Things to bear in mind when feeding quail - Water It is advised that your water trough should not be higher than the birds back and that there should be marbles at the bottom of the trough.