Can Pigs Eat Meat?

Yes. Pigs can and will eat meat. Unlike cows and goats, pigs are omnivores. Are there dangers with feeding meat to pigs? What else can you feed your pigs?

There are guidelines (depending on your region) that you should follow. Most importantly, know that giving raw flesh with blood to pigs will make your pigs view every animal (including you) as food.

Should Pigs Eat Meat?

Raw meat and by-products can be a means for the transmission of disease in pigs. If they eat infected meat, they may become sick with the virus or microbes themselves. Before giving meat to your pigs, it is best to boil or otherwise cook it.

Do Pigs Get Sick from Eating Raw Meat?

Some kinds of meat that you should not give to your pigs -- blood, raw meat, rotten or decaying meat, or meat of higher mammals (such as goat and cows)

Different Kinds of Meat that Pigs Cannot Eat

Rendering is the process of converting animal by-products into safe and digestible feed. There are so many different methods of rendering, but for now, learn the easiest and cheapest method to render meat for pigs.

Rendering Meat for Pigs