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Pigs can safely eat chicken feed, which has similar nutrition when compared with pig feed. However, you should not overfeed your pigs with chicken feed 

Pigs and chickens are both omnivorous in nature. As omnivores, pigs and chickens eat both plants and animals. Pigs and chickens will eat similar feed. 

What Do Pigs Eat?

If you give your pigs only chicken feed, they may get sick because they are eating feed made with premixes suitable for chickens and not for pigs. 

Should Pigs Be Given Only Chicken Feed?

One of the challenges of raising chickens with pigs is that when pigs get the taste of chickens, they will never stop eating chickens. 

Can Pigs Eat Chickens?

Make sure you do not give your pigs any feed containing products of other mammals and should not eat only chicken feed because it does not contain the needed premix for pigs.