Like all poultry birds, Peacocks are omnivores, so it stands to reason that they would be able to eat plants.

 However, as seen with plants like avocadoes and potatoes, not all plants are safe for poultry. So, it is prudent to ask questions about what foods they can and can’t eat.

Peacocks can safely eat bananas.

The relatively soft texture of bananas makes them easy for peafowls to swallow. Besides that, bananas are chock-full of nutrients and they are safe within moderate limits.

Peacocks Natural Feeding Habits

One of the many fruits peacocks consume in the wild is bananas, and it stands to reason that if they can consume bananas in the wild, they can feed on them when in captivity.

Like ducks and chickens, peacocks can eat unripe bananas. In fact, unripe bananas are sometimes touted to be better than riper bananas.