Can Mason Jars And Lids Be Boiled?

You can sterilize mason jars for preserving your food by boiling them first, but don’t boil the lids as the rubber sealing bands will perish, allowing air into the jars and contaminating the contents.

There are many methods available to sterilize mason jars and lids, but the easiest method by far is the boiling method, as you do not need to buy any fancy equipment if you don’t want to. Standard kitchen tools should be enough for this method.

What Equipment Do I Need To Boil A Mason Jar And Lid?

* A large deep pot with a lid and a rack * A wooden spoon, a ladle, and a paring knife * A jar lifter or lifting tongs * A home canning funnel – plastic will do * Rubber spatula for removing air bubbles

Will A Mason Jar Shatter In Boiling Water?

If you pour hot liquids into a cold mason jar, it could shatter or crack. Or, if you put a cold mason jar into boiling water, it could have the same effect.

Boiling the jars and lids is an effective way to sterilize these items, but the correct procedures should always be followed to minimize any food contamination.