Can Llamas  Eat  Carrots

Llamas are herbivores like ruminants, so their forage is plant-based, but let’s find out if they eat carrots too.

Llamas can eat carrots. You can give your llamas raw carrots, carrot peels, carrot tops, or cooked carrots. As with any treat, carrots are best fed in moderation.

. . . avoid mixing raw carrots with boiled carrots while feeding them. Llamas are used to eating only one type of food during a meal.

How Llamas Eat Carrots

Every 100 grams of carrot gives only about 41 calories. It contains very little carbohydrate, fat, and protein.

Health Benefits

The main danger that comes with feeding carrots to llamas is choking. This may occur when you feed them large-sized whole carrots or when you overfeed them.

Dangers of Eating Carrots

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