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Eat Tomatoes?


"Horses and donkeys love eating treats; luckily, they love healthy fruits and vegetables."

"Horses and donkeys can eat ripe, fresh tomatoes in moderation and under supervision. Not all parts of the tomato plant are safe for your animals, so it is important to know the real facts about tomatoes."

Can Horses and Donkeys  eat Tomatoes?

"While the tomato fruit is safe, any green part of the tomato plant, including the stem and the leaves, is not safe for horses or donkeys to consume."

Are Tomatoes Safe for Horses  and Donkeys to Eat?

"Fresh and ripe tomatoes are not bad for most horses or donkeys in moderation; however, the fruit does not offer any additional benefits over other safer fruits and vegetables."

Are Tomatoes Bad for Horses  and Donkeys?

"Unripe green tomatoes are not OK for horses and donkeys to eat, while ripe tomatoes that just happen to be green are safe."

Are Green Tomatoes OK for Horses and Donkeys to Eat?

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