Can Guineas Eat

Ever seen Cicadas before? These rare insects mean different things for different people. For birds like guinea fowl, however, Cicadas might just mean food.

Guinea fowl can eat cicadas. In fact, guinea fowl should eat cicadas for optimum nutrition. Cicadas are safe for consumption, so you do not have to keep your guinea fowl away.

Can Guinea Fowl eat Cicadas?

Cicadas do not sting or bite. They do not even have vectors of any disease that can hurt guinea fowl. This means that consuming cicadas is completely safe for guinea fowl.

Can Cicadas Hurt Your  Guinea Fowl?

When you allow your guineas to forage for their food (i.e. during free-range), they come across and eat a lot of insects and arachnids.

Other Insects (and Arachnids) That Guinea Fowl Eat

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