Can Goats See  in the Dark?

& Other Facts About Goat Vision

"Can goats see in the dark? Goats can see in the dark! Goats move around and even graze at night, so being able to see in the dark is an important asset."

"Goats are prey animals and their eyes are designed to allow them to spot predators easily, at any time of day."

"While some animals have round or vertical pupils, the pupils in a goat’s eyes are horizontal, and shaped like a rectangle."

How can goats see  in the dark?

"They can see well enough to know their surroundings, move around safely and graze as they wish throughout the night."

How well can goats see  in the dark?

"Predators... tend to have eyes that are front-facing, as they are more focused on looking for prey, not for other predators."

What kind of pupils do predators have?

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