Can Goats Eat


"...many homesteaders give their goats different types of foods... But can goats eat all kinds of food you give them? For example, can goats eat meat?  Simply put, NO."

"There are millions of bacteria and other microbes in the rumen of goats and other ruminants. These bacteria help goats to digest plants and plant products quickly."

Feeding Behavior of Goats

"Goats will most likely not eat meat and other meat products when they come across them. Goats will also not eat insects, lizards, earthworms consciously when browsing."

Will Goats Eat Meat When  Given to Them?

"A continuous meat diet can cause a nutrient deficiency in goats. If goats eat meat, the meat will occupy space in their stomach that would have been used for plants."

Health Implications of Goats Eating Meat

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