Can Goats Eat Kale?

Goats can indeed eat kale. Goats love kale and kale is good for them! However, kale should only be fed to them as treats in small quantities.

Though potentially toxic to goats when given in large amounts, kale can be a good infrequent treat for them.  Check out the vitamins and minerals present.

Nutritional Value of Kale to Goats

Kale has sugar that remains undigested until it is fermented by the bacteria in the rumen that can lead to bloating.

Will Kale Cause Bloating in Goats?

Too much consumption of kale can cause the goat’s red blood cells to rupture and a risk of suffering from anemia

Is Kale Toxic For Goats?

Kale is a storehouse of nutrients and is good for your goats. It should only be fed to goats sparingly as treats.