Can Goats Eat

"Goats seem to be able to eat and will eat almost anything. They will eat weeds, bushes, leaves, grain, hay, vegetables and even fruits!"

"Yes, in moderation. Cantaloupe is a healthy fruit that some goats enjoy on occasion. Not all goats like cantaloupe and will prefer less tasty options like weeds and leaves."

Can Goats eat Cantaloupe?

"Cantaloupe flesh is the inside of the cantaloupe. In order words, the fleshy inside is the good part! Goats, if they like cantaloupe, often prefer to eat the fleshy part as opposed to the rind covering it."

Can Goats eat Cantaloupe Flesh?

"Yes, goats can eat cantaloupe rinds, but they may not prefer them. The rinds of a cantaloupe, the outer shell, are not very tasty, even for goats."

Can Goats eat Cantaloupe Rinds?

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