Can goats and horses live together?

If you own a stable and keep horses in it, you might be wondering whether you can keep other animals in the same stable. 

Can goats and horses live together?  Not only is it safe for goats and horses to live together, but goats also make excellent companions for horses.

Benefits of Raising Goats and Horses Together

The companionship between both animals is quite significant. There’s even a practice where a horse’s goat friend is brought in to conciliate the horse just before a race.

Why Goats and Horses Are Paired Together

Some of the reasons why goats and horses are paired together are Grazing, Companionship,  and Entertainment.

Best Type of Goat for Horse Companions

Before you bring in a goat to befriend your horse, you need to make sure you have the right type of goat in mind. There are several factors to consider before getting a goat for your horse.

7 Tips for Safely Introducing Your Goat to Your Horse

The hardest part of keeping a goat and a horse together in the same space is the introductory phase. There are 7 tips to safely introduce your goat to your horse

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