Geese are easy to raise especially when they are free-range. Geese allowed to forage for their own food eat several types of food. 

...Geese can eat cicadas. It is not just safe for them, cicadas are also beneficial to them.  Your geese will love the cicada season.

Can Geese Eat Cicadas?

...Cicadas have more than enough proteins, fat, fiber, etc. for geese. This means that your geese will not suffer from nutrient deficiency when they eat cicadas.

Do Cicadas Have Enough Nutrients for Geese?

...These shells do not contain enough protein for geese. Cicada shells have more fibers than proteins, so your geese may not get nutrition from them.

Can Geese Eat Cicada Shells?

...When you buy a processed feed made for geese, your geese will grow quickly because they have an abundance of every nutrient that they need.

What Else Do Geese Eat?

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