Can Cows Eat Rice?

Cows are able to safely eat rice, but rice should only be fed in addition to their normal diet, not in place of it. 

Rice is a popular food at our dinner table, but it is not often used on cattle farms. There are often better and cheaper foods like corn, oats, and breads to keep cows fed during the winter when grass is scarce.

Types of Rice Cows Can Eat

Brown rice is rice that has been milled but not polished, which accounts for its brown appearance.

Rice Straw

Rice straw is what remains of the rice plant after it has been harvested. It is a dry forage that can be safely added to your cattle’s regular diet.

Is Rice Healthy for Cows?

Rice is healthy for cows as it contains fiber, antioxidants, and a small amount of protein. Rice should be fed along with forage such as hay or grass.