Can Chickens and Pheasants Breed?

Chickens can crossbreed with pheasants thanks to their genetic similarities. Both species are members of the Phasianidae family.

You can raise pheasants and chickens together without any problems.

See some guidelines that you can follow

Birds can indeed mate with other types of birds. Most birds will often mate with a species closely related to theirs. When a bird mates with a bird of an entirely different bird species, the result is a genetic blend of both, called a hybrid.

5 Hybrid Birds

1. Lawrence’s and Brewster’s Warblers  2. Barnes’ Astrapia 3. The Swoose 4. Rackelhuhn 5. Mules

Chickens and pheasants can cross breed, although the hybrid offspring produced are usually sterile. It is also not uncommon for birds of separate species to mate with one another, particularly when the species are closely related.