Can A Peacock Fly?

Peacocks are one of the largest birds that can fly. The way they fly is similar to the act of a high jump. Peacocks can only fly up to 82 feet high and 0.06 miles (100 meters) in distance.

Although peacocks can only fly a short distance, their running speed reaches up to 10 miles per hour. Peacocks also fly to roost in large groups.

5 Best Ways To Keep Your Pet Peacocks In The Yard

1. Provide enough space for their pen 2. Put a chicken wire or fences around the pen 3. Make sure their pen has thick and strong walls 4. Train your peacocks to stay in their new environment 5. Feed them with a balance diet and clean water

Peacocks are beautiful large birds that can fly, even if it’s just for a short time. In fact, they belong in the same family of other flying ground birds like pheasants.

Keeping peacocks as pets is similar to other exotic animals. Due to their natural habitats of living in the wild, they will need to be trained properly to make sure they are happy and healthy being domesticated. But with the right guidance and attention, they can make a wonderful pet.