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Can a Horse and Zebra mate?

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Thanks to their genetic similarities, it is scientifically possible, albeit rare for a horse and a zebra to mate. As a result of this possibility, zebra-horse crosses really do exist in today’s world.

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What is a Zebroid?

Zebroid is the term used to describe the offspring of a mating between a zebra and any equine animal. It can be with a horse, pony, or donkey. Due to their unique genetic blend, Zebroids will have aspects of both zebras and the other equine.

Horses and zebras come from the same Equidae animal family and the subgenus Equus. Both animals exist within the same subgenus and thanks to their unique evolution, they are able to successfully mate with one another.

Basically, since zebras, horses, and donkeys all have a different number of chromosomes, when they are bred together it creates a healthy hybrid animal.

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Unlike zebras, zebroids tend to behave more like domesticated horses or donkeys and are usually much easier to train and handle.

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