Can A Farmhouse Sink Be Used With A Laminate Countertop?

Top-mount farmhouse sinks can be used on laminate countertops.  While it is possible to use an under-mount sink with laminate, this is not recommended

If you are installing a farmhouse sink on existing laminate counters, your best option is to choose a sink that is best suited for a retrofit installation.

Installing a Farmhouse Sink on Laminate Counters

Basic Steps for Installing a Farmhouse Sink on Laminate Counters

1. Remove existing sink and faucet. 2. Measure countertop and mark new cut lines where needed. 3. Carefully cut existing countertop along cut lines. 4. Dry fit sink to ensure cuts were accurate 5. Measure and apply support rails.

The Common Materials Used for Farmhouse Sinks

If you are looking to get the farmhouse look and feel without breaking the bank, the most economical farmhouse sink material is typically going to be stainless steel.

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