Brown goat

"While brown goats are not hard to come by, they are more rare than white and black goats So, the odds say you have probably seen a white or black goat, but not a brown one.."

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Nigerian Dwarf Goats have soft coats with short to medium hair and weigh an average of 2 pounds but they grow pretty fast.

Alpine Goat Alpine goats are bred for dairy. Alpine does are expected to be at least 30 inches tall while weighing at least 130 pounds. 

Barbari Goat Barbari goats are used for 2 primary purposes: milk and meat. The average buck weighs around 83 pounds, while the average doe weighs 50 pounds.

Changthangi Goat Changthangi goats, male or female, have large, twisted horns. But they are not prolific breeders. They are small-sized to medium-sized goats.