Best Tasting Pig Breeds

Pork is the most popular meat worldwide. About 4 out of 10 meat products are made from pork. This means that many people think pork is delicious!

Pork has a unique texture, and it is also juicy and tender. But not all pork is alike. There are specific breeds that are known to taste more pleasant than others.

Visual characteristics such as the color of the meat, the fat content of the meat, and the marbling of the meat are very important.

What Makes Pork Taste Good?

Kunekune is a Maori word that translates to "fat and round," so you can imagine how tasty their pork is! Kunekune pork is tender, juicy, and perfectly marbled.


Their meat is popular amongst chefs working in high-end restaurants, and they enjoy cooking and serving Mangalitsa's dark, sweet,  juicy pork.