11 Benefits of

Sheep Cheese

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Cheese is one of the dairy products that fulfill many purposes in our daily lives. It is also an ingredient in different foods including cakes, cookies, bread, ice cream, yogurts, and many more.

Some of the popular cheeses in the market are made from cow’s milk and sheep’s milk. Those made from sheep milk taste different from those made from cow’s milk.

Due to the high concentration of protein found in sheep milk, sheep cheese has three times the protein content of cow cheese or goat cheese.

Sheep Cheese is high in Protein

The amount of calcium found in sheep cheese is twice as much as the calcium in cow milk cheeses.

Sheep Cheese is high in Calcium

It blends well and doesn’t separate into milk and water. Hence, it is suitable for people who can’t digest cow cheese or people with lactose intolerant.


Sheep Cheese is easy to digest

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