Are suet pellets OK for ducks?

Suet pellets are a great alternative feed source for birds. They are typically easy to eat or digest and can be carried around to eat later if needed.  Are suet pellets okay for ducks? Ducks should not eat suet pellets.

Can You Feed Suet Pellets to Ducks? Suet pellets should not be fed to ducks no matter the intended amount. Suet pellets contain animal fat and other high calorie ingredients that are unnatural to a duck’s healthy diet..

Tips for Feeding Ducks You know not to feed your ducks suet pellets, but now you aren’t sure how to choose the right treats or improve their diet. There are some factors to consider when feeding ducks

Keep Their Feeding Area (and Home) Free of Trash Trash can be detrimental to a duck’s health, so keeping their feeding area free of garbage is important.

7 Snack and Treat Ideas for Ducks Suet pellets are not a good snack for ducks, but you still want to give them a healthy treat once and a while. Here are 7 snack ideas you can give your ducks