Quails are popular backyard birds that produce plenty of eggs. Quails are not particularly noisy, but they are also not completely silent. The noises quails emit are dependent on various factors such as whether they are unhappy or in breeding seasons.

Male vs Female Quails

Male quails generally have a gentle, soft crow which they use to get the attention of female quails. Male quail’s crow resembles that of a wild songbird. Female quails are generally calm, quiet birds who have a good temperament and do not crow.

There are some things to consider when determining whether to keep both male and female quails

Ways to Decrease the Noises Made by Quails

* Cover the quail cage * Minimize the rooster to hen ratio * Avoid separating male and female quails

Quails are not excessively noisy birds, but do emit noise occasionally. Quails are relatively easy to maintain and can be quite pleasant to keep.