Are Llamas Friendly?

Llamas are big enough and capable of being aggressive enough to make predators think twice before setting foot in your yard or on the farm. Once llamas know who you are and that you belong on the property, though, they are fantastic to keep as family pets.

Every llama’s personality will differ to some degree. They are curious animals that will saunter up to the fence when you come around. They’re looking for treats or just to give you a look over. You can avoid this by keeping interactions to a minimum while the llama is young.

Llamas are friendly, low-maintenance animals with a cheerful disposition. They love to graze, so you’ll need to make sure you have the space to support a llama before you buy one.

One thing you may want to consider is whether getting only one llama is a good idea. On any property with multiple llamas, you can usually see them grazing, walking, or standing in crowds. They love to be together.

Bonding will usually depend on how old your llama is and their background. Give it some time. Eventually, your llama will get the hint that you’re not going away and they will let their guard down.