Are Cows Friendly?

"There are tons of adorable pictures of cows cozied up with kids all over the internet. As cute as they are in those often photoshopped images, are cows friendly?"

"Some cows are friendly, but some cows are not friendly at all and can even be dangerous. The more you learn about cows, the safer you can be when you are around one, whether they are friendly or not."

"Sometimes, it is easy to tell if a cow is friendly, but you should always approach all cows cautiously. Always assume that cows are unfriendly until you know for sure that they are not."

How do you know if a cow is friendly?

"With a lot of time and patience, you can usually train a cow to be friendly. They may never let you cuddle with them as you see on social media, but there is a good chance that you can teach a cow to let you pet them or at least get close to them without being afraid of them."

Tips for Training a Cow to Be Friendly

"Cows will attack humans for several reasons. Some cows simply do not like people and will attack just because they feel like it. This is not the norm, however."

Why do cows attack?