Are Chickens 

Warmblooded or Coldblooded?

"While chickens may share a number of fascinating characters with reptiles, that does not mean that they are cold-blooded animals. "

"Chickens are part of the fowl family and they are warm-blooded animals."

Are chickens warm-blooded or cold-blooded?

"Chickens have multifaceted respiratory systems that perform a variety of tasks including removing excess heat from a chicken’s body."

How Do Chickens Thermoregulate?

"While chickens are able to thermoregulate, it is still possible for chickens to get too hot or too cold which can have fatal consequences."

Can Chickens Get Too Hot or Cold?

"It is important to provide shelter to your chickens during extreme weather. It will help them avoid becoming too hot or too cold and will aid them in thermoregulating when needed. "