9 Types of

Farm Tractors

"The tractor is one of the first pieces of equipment that farmers purchase. Whether you’re on a small homestead or a large farm, the tractor is a versatile vehicle that gets the job done."

"Garden tractors are the smallest type of tractor on this list. These small vehicles typically have around ten horsepower, and they’re used for small tasks and chores around the farm."

The Garden Tractor

"An orchard tractor generally sits higher than other tractors, so farmers can observe and work in their orchards better."

Orchard Tractors

"A carrier tractor usually has an extended chassis between the back and forward tires that helps them pull larger attachments. These tractors come in varied sizes and are related to the size of the implements they pull."

Implement Carrier Tractors

"This is one of your best options when you need a working vehicle to do landscaping or dig manufactured ponds on your farm."

Backhoe Loader Tractors

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