5 Types of


(Including Vegan Options)

"All you need is a fresh batch of tortillas and your imagination to create a killer burrito. If you’re in the mood for something tasty to put in yours, check out these 5 types of meats (and vegan options too!)."

"We’re not just talking about plain ol’ beef here. We’re talking about great cuts and cooking processes that will make your mouth water and your bad mood blues melt away."


"Another type of meat that pairs perfectly with any kind of burrito is pork. Pork is great with salty and savory seasonings and sauces that add a tinge of sweetness."


"Chicken can be cooked in so many ways, which is why it’s the perfect meat to add to burritos. Whether you want it salty, herby, spicy, or sweet, chicken can make just about anything work."