15 Breeds


Chickens are unique animals that are fun to watch and fun to raise. Most chickens look relatively the same, apart from color variations, however, there are some chickens that are noticeably different from the rest. The following chickens sport some unique looks and honestly have some extremely funny hair, which is actually just different kinds of feathers.


This chicken originated in Chile and are actually very rare to find in America. They have a 75% chance of survival when bred and because of that, there are just not that many full-blooded Araucana’s in the United States.


The Cochin chicken originated in China but it is very popular in the United States. They can get up to 10 pounds and they tend to have very calm demeanors. They look like your average chicken apart from one thing, they are super fluffy!

Easter Eggers

An Easter Egger chicken is not a specific breed of chicken. The term Easter Egger is a name that applies to all chickens that lay blue eggs but are not a purebred chicken nor a recognized hybrid breed.


You may be surprised to learn that a frizzle is not technically a breed of chicken but it is actually a reference to their cute and curly feathers. They can be found in a variety of breeds including Polish and Cochins as well as Silkies.


This adorable breed of chickens sports an almost comical crest of feathers covering its heads. The feathers are so wild then tend to block the chicken’s line of vision at times.


Silkies are super cute furry little chickens that will steal your heart with just one look. They are sweet and calm chickens that have extra fluffy and fuzzy feathers. It almost looks like someone has brushed their curly hair and now it is just one big puff of cuteness!