13 Types of

Farm Buildings

"Farms have specific buildings designed to house animals, store feed, and provide shelter against harsh weather conditions."

"Most farms have farmhouses, but not all. Farmhouses are typically reserved for the farmers and their families to live in while they’re working on the farm."

The Farmhouse

"Barns are primarily used to shelter animals and keep their feed dry. However, it’s a multi-purpose structure where many farmers store equipment, essential tools, and other supplies."


"Stables aren’t on every farm because they’re specific to horses, donkeys, and mules. But, once it is built, a stable can be used much like a barn to house other animals or machinery."


"On many American farms, you can see large cylindrical buildings called silos designed for effective grain storage. These tall structures make it easier for trucks to load and unload grain..."

Grain Silos