Cleaning Tools

for Tight Spaces


"Your at-home cleaning practices can be more efficient with the right tools. Hard-to-reach and tight spaces require special cleaning tools, and luckily, there are plenty of options for just this purpose."

"Robot vacuums are convenient since they can automatically run when you’re not home. They’re smart cleaning devices that use tracking sensors to navigate your floors and avoid bumping into things."

Robot or Automatic Vacuums

"They’re exactly what they sound like—slippers you wear on your feet so you can use your feet as your cleaning tool."

Mop Slipper Shoes

"Getting into the spaces in your window blinds, as well as the cracks in vents and air units, is difficult. But with blind dusters, it's easy to get into these small spaces with a comfortable handle."

Blinds Cleaner / Duster

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