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9 Tips for Cleaning Your Fiberglass Bathtub

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Fiberglass is a low-maintenance material used to make household items like bathtubs and showers. Fiberglass is lightweight, affordable, and durable.

However, while durable, if you do not clean your fiberglass bathtub regularly, it will not serve you for long.

On the bright side, cleaning a fiberglass bathtub is easy.

Still, you must be cautious: using the wrong supplies and equipment can spell trouble for your bathtub. For instance, using cleaning products with harsh chemicals can damage the surface of the bathtub.

In this article, we discuss tips for cleaning your fiberglass bathtub. We provide various instructions to ensure everything goes well when cleaning your fiberglass bathtub.

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9 Tips for Cleaning Your Fiberglass Bathtub

Use a Dish Soap

Dish soap is a basic but effective product for cleaning a fiberglass bathtub. It is ideal for eliminating grime and degreasing your bathtub.

All you need is mild dish soap or laundry detergent and warm water.

Note: Ensure the dish soap does not contain any bleaching agents

To clean your fiberglass bathtub, pour some dish soap or detergent into a bucket filled with warm water. Use a soft sponge to clean your bathtub with the soapy mixture. 

Leave the mixture to sit for at least an hour before rinsing it off with warm water. To prevent water stains, use a clean cloth to dry the bathtub. 

Use Baking Soda for Stains

Baking soda is an excellent cleaning product that is easy to come by and is perfect for cleaning surfaces like fiberglass.

Due to its mild abrasive power, baking soda can eliminate tough stains from your fiberglass bathtub. 

Begin by preparing a paste with baking soda and water, then pour it into your bathtub. Next, use a soft brush or sponge to scrub the baking soda paste into the stains.

After scrubbing, leave the paste to sit on the fiberglass surface for one hour. Then, rinse your bathtub with a soft wet sponge to remove any baking soda residue. 

Use a clean cloth to dry the bathtub after cleaning. If the stains persist, you can repeat this process.

Use Vinegar and Baking Soda for Hard-Water Stains

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Another excellent way to clean a fiberglass bathtub is using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Combining these ingredients gives you an all-purpose cleaner to eliminate stubborn stains in your bathtub or shower.

A vinegar and baking soda mixture is easy to make and effective for removing hard-water stains. 

Start by preparing a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Then smear the paste on the affected areas.

Then leave it for one hour before scrubbing the bathtub with a sponge or brush. Ensure you use a soft brush when cleaning your fiberglass bathtub.

You can clean the rest of the bathtub with the mixture before rinsing it off. To prevent water marks, dry the bathtub with a soft cloth.

If the stains persist, you may need to repeat the process.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another effective substance for cleaning a fiberglass bathtub. You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove yellowing from your bathtub.

Start by soaking white cloths with hydrogen peroxide. Place them over the stained area and leave them to sit overnight.

Remove them the next day and rinse the bathtub to remove any hydrogen peroxide residue.

After rinsing the bathtub, dry it with a soft cloth. You can repeat the procedure if the stains do not leave on the first try.

Ensure you wear gloves and goggles to avoid skin or eye irritation when using hydrogen peroxide.

Use Borax

Borax powder is a popular household cleaner that is perfect for cleaning fiberglass.

All you need is borax, hot water, and dish soap.

Start by preparing the borax solution in a bucket before transferring it to a spray bottle. Spay the surface of your fiberglass bathtub with the mixture and let it sit for an hour.

After one hour, use a soft sponge to scrub the fiberglass bathtub before rinsing it to remove any borax residue. Remember to dry your bathtub after cleaning to prevent water marks from appearing.

Use a Chemical Cleaner

A chemical cleaner specifically made for bathtubs is another convenient and effective option for cleaning a fiberglass bathtub. It is ideal for eliminating yellowing or brown discoloration from your bathtub. 

These chemical cleaners are easy to use. All you do is follow the instructions on the product, and your bathtub will be clean in no time.

Use Salt

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If you are looking for a cheap alternative to clean your bathtub, you can use salt.

According to one source, you may even be able to use it to remove yellowing from your fiberglass bathtub.

All you need for this procedure is salt and water.

Start by preparing a mixture of salt and water and apply the solution to the bathtub. Take a soft brush or sponge and scrub your bathtub.

Rinse the bathtub with warm water to remove any salt residue and dry it with a clean cloth.

Use Shampoo

Not many people know this, but you can use shampoo to clean a fiberglass bathtub. Shampoo is an excellent cleaner for removing yellowing.

Start by pouring shampoo into your bathtub, then scrub it with a soft brush until the stain is no longer visible. Rinse it off to remove any shampoo residue and dry it with a clean cloth.

Use Soft Drinks

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Soft drinks can help you remove stains and yellowing from your bathtub. 

Take any soft drink and pour it into your bathtub. Let the beverage sit for at least 10 minutes to penetrate the stains.

Then, gently scrub the bathtub with a soft-bristled brush. Once you finish, rinse it off and dry it with a clean, soft cloth.

How to Tell if Your Tub Is Fiberglass

Bathtubs are available in different materials, like cast iron, fiberglass, ceramic, acrylic, cultured marble, and copper. Knowing what material your bathtub is, is essential before you begin any project like cleaning or remodeling.

Below are a few tips to help you identify a fiberglass bathtub.

  • Fiberglass is a thin and flexible material. So, knock or apply pressure to the outer wall of your bathtub. If the material gives a little after applying pressure, your bathtub is fiberglass.
  • Examine the surface of your bathtub for chips or scratches. If you notice any scratches, cracks, or other surface damage, your bathtub is fiberglass.
  • The type of flooring around your tub can also help you determine the material of your bathtub. Fiberglass bathtubs do not require additional floor reinforcements, unlike cast iron bathtubs.