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Largest Goat Breeds

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Goats have become popular backyard pets, specifically the smaller breeds such as the Pygora, the Pygmy, and the Nigerian Dwarf. However, you will find there are larger breeds, such as the Boer. Of course, it is not uncommon to find size variation across breeds of the same animal.

While no other goat breed is larger than the Boer, it is not the only breed considered to be large-sized. Others like the Rove Goat, Beetal Goat, and Kiko Goat are also large.

Want to get extra details on these breeds and many other large goat breeds? Read until the end.

Rove Goat

rove goat

Rove goats are a large goat breed indigenous to France, where they were first domesticated.

They are short-haired with smooth thick coats. Their coats are usually black or red but can also be red mixed with grey, molted white/grey, grey, red speckled with black or white with tan markings.

Rove goats have thick, long lyre-shaped horns that can extend up to 4 feet. They also have long pendulous ears that are usually lighter than their coat color.

At first, Rove goats were bred for their meat. But instead of that, they were used for milk production and foliage control.

Rove does usually weigh around 132 pounds, while bucks can weigh up to 198 pounds.

Kamori Goat

Kamori goats are indigenous to the Sindh province in Pakistan. Their unique colors, beautiful appearance, and distinctive body structure make them distinct and easy to spot. 

The coat of a Kamori goat is dark brown with small dark or coffee-colored patches. Kamori goats have well-developed bodies with long necks and ears. They are short-haired and can be either horned or polled.

Kamori goats are raised mainly for milk production. However, if they are large enough, they may also be used for meat.

On average, Kamori does weigh around 110 pounds, while bucks weigh up to 132 pounds.

Jamunapari Goat

Jamunapari goat is indigenous to India. It is a breed that has soft coats and fluffy hindquarters.

Jamunapari goats come in different colors, including black, yellow, white, brown, and mixed color variations. They are long-haired with short, stocky horns that curve backward. They also have long floppy ears that can twist.

Jamunapari goats are a hardy goat breed that can adapt well to almost any environment. Raised mainly for milk production, the milk of a Jamunapari goat is quite healthy, with a fat content of about 5%.

Besides being used for dairy purposes, Jamunapari goats are also used for meat production and kept as pets.

On average, the bucks weigh around 198 pounds, while females weigh up to 132 pounds. 

Beetal Goat

beetal goat

The Beetal goat is another large goat breed that is indigenous to India. It is one of the most sought-after goats in India and Pakistan. They are a hardy breed, and they can adapt to almost any climate and environment.

Although Beetal goats are large, they are still smaller than Jamnapari goats.

Beetal goats come in various colors, but the most widely found color is black. They have well-developed, compact bodies, and they have short, glossy coats with long dangling ears and long spiraled horns.

Beetal goats are raised mainly for meat and milk production. However, they may also be kept as pets.

Male Beetal goats usually weigh around 143 pounds, while females weigh up to 99 pounds.

Savanna Goats

Originating in South Africa in the 1950s, the Savanna goat is a cross between local landrace goats and Boer goats. Although most people consider Savanna goats Boer goats, they are not.

Savanna goats have dark skin and white hair.

While most goats with white fur have skin that is sensitive to sunlight, the dark skin of a Savanna goat protects it from sunlight.

The dark skin of Savanna goats makes them easier to care for than other white-haired goats.

Savanna goats are raised mainly for meat production. They adapt readily to harsh climates and low-forage areas.

Male Savanna goats weigh around 200-250 pounds, while females weigh 125-195 pounds.

Kiko Goat                                                             

The Kiko goat is a large and beautiful goat breed indigenous to New Zealand. It is a fast-growing, agile goat breed that can adapt to any condition.

Kiko goats usually have white coats, although they are available in several other colors. Kiko goats have short to medium hair length and erect ears. They also have long sweeping horns.

Kiko goats are raised mainly for meat production. They are also suitable for breeding, and you can keep them as pets.

On average, Kiko bucks weigh around 260 pounds, while females can weigh up to 160 pounds.

Anglo Nubian Goat

anglo nubian goat

Originating in Great Britain, the Anglo Nubian goat is a cross between Indian and British goat breeds.

Anglo Nubian goats have soft, shiny coats that come in various colors. Some of them include brown, white, black, and mixed.

Anglo Nubian goats have long pendulous ears that are usually the same color as their head or body. They are short-haired goats with no markings to differentiate the male from the female.

Anglo Nubian goats are raised for milk, fur, and meat production. Their milk has a healthy fat content of 4%.

Mature male Anglo Nubian goats weigh an average of 175 pounds, while females weigh about 135 pounds.

Damascus Goat

The Damascus goat is a large-sized Nubian-type goat breed indigenous to Syria, Cyprus, and Lebanon.

Damascus goats are long-haired with brown or red-colored coats, which can sometimes be grey or pied.

Damascus goats have long ears that drop down from their heads. They can be either polled or horned. When Damascus goats are fully mature, they have long legs, long necks, and relatively small heads.

Damascus goats are raised mainly for milk production. They are also used for breeding and meat production.

On average, male Damascus goats weigh around 198 pounds, while females weigh about 132 pounds.

Angora Goats

angora goat

Originating in Turkey, Angora goats are one of the tallest goat breeds. They usually have long, wavy, or ringleted hair. Their coats come in various colors, including red, white, brown, and black.

Angora Goats have flat ears that drop at the side of their head. Their long horns protrude backward and outwards towards their ears. Angora goats have a docile, relaxed, and calm demeanor.

Angora goats are raised for mohair or fiber production.

On average, male Angora goats weigh about 224 pounds, while females can weigh up to 110 pounds.

Kalahari Goat

kalahari goat

The Kalahari Red goat is a large-sized goat breed indigenous to South Africa. It is a beautiful goat breed that comes with a red-colored coat.

Kalahari Red goats have short glossy hair, short floppy ears, and short horns that protrude backward from their head. They also have some loose skin around their necks.

Kalahari Red goats are raised for meat production and breeding. Due to their fast growth rate, Kalahari Red goats are ideal for commercial meat production.

While Kalahari Red bucks usually weigh around 253 pounds, the females weigh up to 165 pounds.

Alpine Goat

alpine goat

The Alpine or French Alpine goat originated in France. Members of this breed come in various color combinations, including Cou Clair, pied, and Cou Noir.

Alpine goats usually have short to medium hair length, and their ears are erect at the sides of their head. Also, they are agile and can adapt to almost any climate.

Alpine goats are raised mainly for milk production and are known as one of the top milk breeds.

Mature female Alpine goats weigh an average of 135-155 pounds, while males can weigh around 176-220 pounds.

Saanen Goat

saanen goat

Saanen goats are native to the Saanen Valley of Switzerland. Members of this breed have fine, short-haired coats, which are usually creamy-white to white.

Due to their light coats, Saanen goats are highly susceptible to sunburn, but they thrive in cooler climates.

Saanen goats usually have dished or straight faces with erect ears. They are raised mainly for their milk and are considered the heaviest producers of milk.

Male Saanen goats weigh an average of 165 pounds, while females usually weigh around 135 pounds.

Boer Goat

The Boer goat is the largest of all goat breeds. It originated in South Africa, and it was imported into the United States from New Zealand and Australia in 1993.

Boer goats are well-known due to their high fertility, docility, fast growth rate, and size.

They usually have pure white or brown bodies with red or brown heads. However, some are totally white or brown from head to hoof.

Boer goats have short glossy coats with long dangling ears, and they are raised mainly for breeding and milk production.

Male Boer goats usually weigh around 242-297 pounds. Females, on the other hand, weigh as much as 198-220 pounds.

Table of the Largest Goat Breeds

The table below highlights 13 goat breeds with their corresponding weight and height.

BreedWeight (pounds)Height (feet)
Rove Goat  132-1982.4-2.6
Kamori Goat  110-1322-2.3
Jamunapari Goat  138-1922.5-2.6
Beetal Goat  99-1433
Savanna  125-2502
Kiko Goat  121-1762.3-2.5
Anglo Nubian Goat  135-1752.3-3
Damascus Goat  110-1982.2-2.6
Angora Goat  110 -2243-4
Kalahari Goat  165-2532
Alpine Goat  135-2202.5-2.7
Saanen Goats  135-1602.5-2.6
Boer Goat  198-2972.3-2.6