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7 Climbing Toys for Goats

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Goats are intelligent, bubbly, and agile creatures. They have an innate curiosity that makes it nearly impossible for them to sit still.

They are also notorious climbers.

Much like their wild ancestors, they have a natural propensity toward climbing. Goats will climb everything they can get their hooves on, including trees, fences, and other goats.

Climbing is a way for goats to explore their surroundings and establish hierarchy within the herd. Climbing can help them exhibit their natural habits within enclosures, fostering happiness and contentment. It also provides healthy exercise for your goats and reduces stress.

However, left unchecked, a goat’s boisterous disposition can lead to destructive feats in enclosed spaces. Hence, the need to keep them entertained and occupied.

The best climbing toys for goats include see-saws, stairs, and wooden spools, and they are very effective in keeping your goats from being destructive while exploring.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your goats entertained (and contained), read on!

Two little funny baby goats playing in the field with flowers

How to Choose the Right Climbing Toy for Your Goat

When it comes to choosing a climbing toy for your goat, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. They include the following:

Size and Age of the Goats

It’s essential to choose a toy that’s appropriate for the size and age of your goat.

If you have a herd of goats of different sizes and ages, choose climbing toys of different sizes and shapes. This promotes inclusivity and reduces bullying from older goats.

Size of the Toy

It’s important to consider the size of the toy before setting it up.

Goats often gnaw on their toys, so you have to make sure that there are no small parts that can be chewed or swallowed.

The ideal climbing toy should be big enough for your goat to comfortably stand on and move around but not so large that it becomes a hazard.

The Material the Toy is Made From

goat in the farm

The second thing to consider is the material the toy is made from. You want something durable enough to withstand the elements and chewing and scraping from your goat’s horns and hooves.


You must also make sure the toy of your choice is sturdy and won’t tip over or break easily. This is very important to prevent fatal injuries to the goats.

Location of the Toys

Think about where you will be placing the toys.

Keep these climbing toys away from the fence to prevent the goats from climbing onto the fence or going over.

Additionally, make sure the toy can withstand direct sunlight, rain, and other weather elements.

The 7 Best Climbing Toys for Goats


See-saws are great for climbing and balancing.

To make a seesaw, place a cylindrical stump of wood in the ground and a thick slab of wood on the stump. Ensure that this stump is well seated, so it doesn’t roll out when the goat steps onto the board.

A Platform With Stairs

playground for all goat in the farm

A platform is an excellent climbing option for goats.

To make the platform more engaging, create a unique way to access the platform on each side. You can set up a ramp or a steep end on one side and stairs on another with varying heights.

Having multiple routes to the top makes it more fun, as they constantly navigate the different ways to reach the top.

A Climbing Wall

Goats will love a climbing wall.

You can make one by attaching footholds to the steeply inclined frame of wood. A wide enough climbing wall ensures that more than one goat can climb simultaneously, increasing competition.


Rocks are the most natural way to make an enclosure feel natural.

Arranging the rocks at different heights and strategic distances can increase the thrill of climbing for goats.

Alternatively, you can set up sturdy tree stumps in place of rocks to achieve the same results.


childrens jumping trampoline with protective net

Trampolines are sure to keep your goats engaged.

Climbing to and bouncing off the trampoline can keep your goats entertained for hours.

Ensure that the stairs remain firm, and the trampoline remains taut to prevent injuries.

Old Tires

Old car or tractor tires are sturdy and can be an excellent climbing course for goats. Half-burying the tires at different heights and distances can make the course more exciting.

Car or tractor tires can also double as crawl spaces for goats that they can run through and hop on.


A children’s playground slide can be an exciting way to entertain your goats. Goats will repeatedly climb on and slide down the ramp until they are exhausted. 

white Goat standing on the pallet playground.


Avoid Using Materials That Are in Poor Condition

Splintered wood, cracked or creaky metal rungs, or exposed nails can cause injuries to the animals and should be strictly avoided.

Seal Exposed Sharp Ends

For toys that are assembled using nails or screws, ensure that the sharp ends are either sawed off or sealed off to prevent injuries.

The sharp edges of rocks can also be chipped off to form more rounded edges, making them safer for the animals.

Increase Friction

Slippery or glossy surfaces may do more harm than good.

Ensure that the surfaces of the boards are slightly rough to ensure that their hooves properly grip the surface.

goats resting in the farm


A 2001 scientific study published in the Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture revealed that goats living in enriched environments with different toys incorporated into their enclosures gained more weight, ate better, and performed better than those who didn’t.

Therefore, it is vital that your goats can explore their environment with these toys.

Trying one or more of the seven climbing toys for goats listed above can improve the health and productivity of your goats.

You can also routinely rearrange the toys and switch up the positions and layouts to constantly keep your goats entertained.

With these in mind, you should be able to find the perfect climbing toy for your goat friend.

A happy goat makes for a happy owner.