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Can Chickens Eat Beef?

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It is easy to conclude that chickens eat only things like grains and similar plant matter. If one is to judge from their physical form, chickens do not look like beef eaters since it is not naturally available to them for consumption.

But chickens will eat insects and other sources of live protein, so if you have beef or other meat products, is it safe for you to feed your chickens?

Can chickens eat beef?

Chickens can eat beef and other meats since they are omnivorous animals and can digest both plant and animals. While chickens can eat meat, there may be issues surrounding safety depending on the type of beef you offer to them. Whether the meat is cooked or raw and any additives the meat might include are just a few factors that determine if a chicken should eat beef.

hen and chickens on green lawn with flowers in organic farm

This article will clarify the types of beef you should give your chicken and those you should keep away from them.

Can Chickens Eat Beef?

Since chickens are omnivorous, they are able to safely eat meats and other animal byproducts. If you pay close attention to chickens, you’ll find that besides eating grains, leaves, seeds, and other greens, they prey on some animals.

Chickens will eat small animals like insects, mice, frogs, toads, worms, and even small birds. Sometimes, they may even steal eggs from other chickens or birds and eat them.

Essentially, chickens have a taste for various types of animal matter available to them.

Although chickens might eat meat when they can, they shouldn’t eat all types of beef.

Raw Beef

You should try as much as you can to keep raw beef away from chickens.

Your chickens might eat raw beef if you give it to them, but this is not a safe option to feed them. There’s always a significant chance that uncooked beef carries certain harmful microorganisms.

If your chickens eat raw beef that has bacteria in it, they may get food poisoning. This is even more likely when the beef is no longer fresh.

Besides food poisoning, chickens can get a variety of other diseases from raw beef. So, as much as you can, avoid giving your chickens raw beef.

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Cooked Beef

Chickens can eat cooked beef safely. Cooked beef is less likely to contain toxic microorganisms since the heat from cooking kills most harmful bacteria.

Also, cooked beef should be easy for chickens to peck on and digest compared to uncooked meat.

While cooked beef is a good source of protein for chickens, it should only be given moderately. Beef is not a food substance that should be included in a chicken’s meal every day.

Beef Stew

Chickens can eat beef stew, but the other ingredients the beef stew will determine whether it is safe for your chickens.

Beef stew can be prepared with ingredients such as avocado, green tomatoes, and green potatoes. The stew might be delicious for humans, but it could be dangerous to your chickens.

Avocado, green potatoes, and green tomatoes contain toxins that can kill chickens.

In most cases, the toxin will not be removed by cooking. Avoid giving beef stew with these ingredients to your chickens. There are many other safe recipes you could try instead.

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Beef Scraps

Chickens can eat beef scraps, but beef scrap cannot be fed to chickens legally in some countries including the UK and Australia.

According to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), this ban was put in place to prevent the outbreak of economically significant animal diseases.

Of course, this ban is plausible. Some beef scraps are uncooked, while some are already rotting when they are being fed to chickens. By eating beef under such conditions, chickens can get some deadly diseases.

Beef Jerky

While chickens can eat beef jerky, it is not something you should feed them regularly.

Some beef jerky recipes contain large amounts of onions, garlic, and sauce. These substances are harmless to chickens in moderate, infrequent amounts. But they may affect the taste of eggs you get from the chickens.

High levels of garlic can alter a chicken’s gut bacteria. It can also cause a blood disorder called Heinz anemia. If you give beef jerky to your chickens, ensure that these ingredients are not in excess.

Homemade Healthy Beef Jerky

Beef Fat

Beef fat in moderate amounts can be very beneficial to chickens, especially in winter. For one, the calories from the fat can provide them with extra energy to keep warm.

Also, beef fat can contribute to the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins in chickens. However, like most other treats, moderation is important.

In fact, you should make beef fat as infrequent as possible. Too much of it can lead to obesity, and obesity can lead to various diseases.

Beef Liver

Beef liver is one of the best parts of beef you can feed your chickens. It contains high levels of protein, and some farmers believe it makes their chickens healthier, especially when given regularly.

You may cut up beef liver into small chunks before giving it to your chickens. This way, it is easy for them to eat. Also, ensure you do not give them more than they can eat at once to prevent spoilage.

If there are leftovers, remove them from their pen before they begin to rot, since rotting meat or liver can make the chickens sick.

Raw beef liver on skewers on wooden choppingboard

Beef Bones

Chickens will not eat beef bones, but they will pick meat off the bones or feast on the marrow contained inside them. You could also crack beef bones to allow easy access to the marrow for the chickens.

When you give beef bones to chickens, you should try removing tiny pieces that they could choke on.

Can Baby Chickens Eat Beef?

Baby chickens might be able and willing to eat beef, but it is not recommend to give to them. Prioritize healthier alternatives, such as starter feed, in their diets instead.

The digestive system of baby chickens is not as developed as adults. So, you should avoid giving them substances, such as beef, that can upset their stomach easily.


Chickens can eat beef – it is a safe treat when it is cooked and given in moderation. Whenever you consider giving chickens a beef recipe commonly eaten by humans, check the other ingredients. If the ingredients contain something chickens should not eat, then do not give them that recipe.