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11 Beautiful Black and White Chicken Breeds

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Once you start learning about chickens, one thing that might surprise you is the vast variety in colors and breeds that you can choose from. Not all chickens are the same and they all offer different qualities, some of which you may or may not be on your list.

If you have your heart set on finding the perfect black and white chicken breed for your farm, you have come to the right place!

Each of these 11 breeds of chicken has stunning black and white plumage that will add a hint of style to your backyard coop. They are all hardy breeds that have solidified their place in the poultry world.

Not only are all these chicken breeds gorgeous, they all could make great additions to almost any farm! Whatever you are looking for, you will definitely find a black and white chicken breed that suits your fancy.

Different Patterns on Chicken

Chickens that have more than one color on their plumage also tend to have patterns of colors on their feathers. For reference purposes, here are just a few of the most common patterns that you might see on a black and white chicken.


When you hear the word ‘barred’ to describe the color-pattern on a chicken, that simply means that it is stripped. Granted, it is not perfectly defined stripes when you look at the chicken, however, when you view a single feather on its own, you will see noticeable stripping.


If a chicken has a laced pattern, that means that their feathers are trimmed in a darker color than the rest of the feather creating a defining ‘lace’ effect.


When a chicken is described as having a spangled pattern, that simply means that they have relatively round spots of color on their bodies.


Chickens that have a Columbian pattern have what is referred to as a black restrictor, meaning it inhibits the expression of the color black on certain parts of the chicken. The black color is left on their necks, tails, and a little on their wings while the rest of their bodies remain white.   


Similiar to laced chickens, a penciled chicken will have feathers that have an outer trim as well as an inner trim. The dark brahma or silver penciled rock are great examples of this!

Black and White Chicken Breeds

Chicken BreedBody Size (lbs)PurposeEgg ProductionEgg ColorEgg Size  Broody
Barred Rock7.5-9.5Eggs, MeatGreatBrownLargeYes
Black Laced Silver Wyandotte6.5-8.5EggsGoodBrownMediumYes
Columbian Wyandotte6.5-8.5Eggs, MeatGreatBrownMediumYes
Dominique5-7Eggs, MeatGoodBrownMed to LargeSometimes
Black Sex Link6-9EggsGreatLt. BrownLargeNo
Dark Brahma9.5-12EggsFairBrownMed to LargeNo
Silver Spangled Hamburg4-5Eggs, ShowGoodWhiteMediumSometimes
White Crested Black Polish4.5-6Eggs, ShowGoodWhiteMediumNo
Silver Laced Polish4.5-6Eggs, ShowGoodWhiteMediumNo
Cuckoo Maran7-9Eggs, MeatFairDark BrownLargeSometimes

1. Barred Rock (Barred Plymouth Rock)

plymouth chicken

A staple of chicken breeds in America, the Barred Rock chicken is a member of the Plymouth Rock chicken family of poultry. It is a large chicken with a black and white barred pattern on its feathers.

The stripped barring on their feathers is straight, unlike the distinctive v-shape of a Dominque chicken’s stripes. The Barred Rock is a hardy chicken breed that can weigh between 7.5 to 9.5 pounds when fully grown.

Barred Rocks are used most often for their egg production, but they also make a suitable source of meat as well. Barred Rock chickens lay large brown eggs and they have a rather good production rate, sometimes producing a respectable 280 eggs annually. They do tend to be broody.

2. Black Laced Silver Wyandotte

black laced silver wyandotte

A member of the American Standard of Perfection, the Black Laced Silver Wyandotte is a gorgeous chicken with exquisite black laced white feathers that feature a silvery gleen.

The Black Laced Silver Wyandotte has a lovely black tail and it is a very hardy chicken. Black Laced Silver Wyandotte chickens tend to be friendly and can weigh from 6.5 to 8.5 pounds.

They lay medium-sized brown eggs and hens tend to be broody. They are good egg producers and can lay between 180-260 eggs annually.

3. Columbian Wyandotte

Columbian Wyandotte on a tree

The Columbian Wyandotte chicken is a striking bird that has a mostly white body of feathers with striking black feathering in the tail, neck and wing area. They are a very friendly chicken that will weigh around 6.5 to 8.5 pounds as adults.

They have good egg production, producing up to 260 eggs each year. Columbian Wyandotte’s lay medium-sized brown eggs and tend to be broody. They are most often used to produce eggs but sometimes as a meat source as well.

4. Dominique

Often called a dominecker, the Dominque chicken breed is often confused with the Barred Rock breed. Both breeds look similar with black and white stripes, however, Dominique chickens have a noticeable v-shape in their color pattern.

They weigh between 5 and 7 pounds when fully grown. They have good egg production levels, often producing an impressive 260 eggs each year. Dominique chickens lay medium to large-sized brown eggs and are sometimes willing to set their eggs.

Dominique chickens are typically raised for egg production, but some farmers use them as a meat source.   

5. Black Sex Link

Black Sex Link chicken in the chicken coop

Black Sex Link chickens are the result of a cross between Rhode Island Red chickens and the Barred Rock chicken breed. The Black Sex Link chicken has roosters and hens that look different from one another.

Typically, roosters will be mainly black with white a barred pattern. Hens have black bodies with reddish-brown neck feathers. These chickens can weigh between 6 and 9 pounds as adults and have excellent egg production, producing up to 280 eggs annually.

Black Sex Link chickens lay large light brown eggs but do not like to set their own eggs. They are most often used for their high egg production and are not likely to be used for meat.

6. Dark Brahma  

Dark Brahma chickens are unique in their exquisite coloring. Roosters have black tails and black under bellies with gorgeous silvery white feathers adorning their necks, backs and wings.

They have feathered feet, which add to their visually stunning physique. Dark Brahma chickens are large, weighing between 9.5 and 12 pounds when fully grown. They are mainly used for their egg production but also as a meat source.

Their egg production is fair; they can produce around 150 eggs each year. Dark Brahmas can be broody and lay medium to large-sized brown eggs.

7. Lakenvelder

lakenvelder chicken

Lakenvelder chickens are elegantly beautiful with black feathering on their heads and necks, along with black and white feathering on their bodies. They also have shiny black feathers with a gorgeous green sheen on their tails.

Considered a rare breed of chickens, the Lakenvelder chicken can make show-stopping addition to your coop. They have fair egg production, producing around 150 medium-sized cream-colored eggs annually.

They are not very broody and tend to be a little flighty. They only grow to between 4-5 pounds as adults.

8. Silver Spangled Hamburg

Originating from Holland, the Silver Spangled Hamburg is undeniably breathtaking with its silver and white feathers featuring randomly placed black spots and streaks.

Roosters have stunning long tails. Hens have good egg production, providing 200 or more eggs annually. They lay medium-sized white eggs and they can sometimes be broody.

They are relatively small birds, only reaching up to 5 pounds as adults. Silver Spangled Hamburg chickens are most often raised for their egg production or for showing.

9. White Crested Black Polish

black polish chicken

Originating in the Netherlands, the White Crested Black Polish chicken is easily recognizable. They feature a mainly black body of feathers with gorgeous white crests of wild feathers that adorn their heads.

They are smaller-sized chickens, weighing only 4.5-6 pounds when fully grown. They have good egg laying production and they lay medium-sized white eggs.

They are friendly, but flighty birds that are not broody. White Crested Black Polish chickens are most often used for their high egg production and for shows.

10. Silver Laced Polish

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The Silver Laced Polish chicken is covered in white feathers that are laced in a black border around their edges. Their heads have an adorable crest of wild flowing feathers.

They originate in Poland and are used mainly for their good egg production as well as their show quality.

They tend to be very friendly but somewhat flighty and are not broody. Silver Laced Polish chickens lay medium-sized white eggs and grow to anywhere from 4.5 to 6 pounds as adults.

11. Cuckoo Maran

cuckoo maran

Cuckoo Marans are black and white chickens that have a beautiful barred pattern to their coloring, often causing confusion between them and Barred Rock chickens. They lay gorgeous dark brown large-sized eggs.

They have fair egg production, laying at least 180 eggs annually. They can grow to up to 9 pounds and they sometimes are broody, meaning they may set their own eggs at times.

The Cuckoo Maran originates from France and are mainly used for their ability to produce eggs, but they can be an adequate meat source as well.

Final Thoughts

By now, you are hopefully closer to figuring out which black and white chicken breed, or breeds, will work best for your farm. The most enjoyable chicken coops often have a variety of chicken breeds, allowing the owner to experience the different qualities that each breed has to offer. Any one of these chicken breeds would be exceptional additions to most backyard chicken coops, and you will not regret investing in any one of them!